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November 15, 2011
This album sounds like it is coming from a heart-broken 40 something. It’s beautiful, but full of hurt. How old are you? 22 years old, going on 35.  I feel like I had to grow up really fast considering some of the experiences I had real young.  I am grateful for those things, they have shaped the strong person I am today.  And those stories have help me write beautiful songs.  I save a lot of money on a therapist by writing music, absolutely.   It is the ultimate therapy for me.  I think “Pretty Old Soul” is the ultimate diary-entry record.  I spilled it and feel so much better now.
What’s the song that has the most emotional weight for you? I think “Next Time Around” is the most soul-bearing track on the record.  I don’t like to give the immediate and literal stories behind my songs away, but “Next Time Around”,for me, dealt with themes of guilt and the pressures due to what you’ve been taught was “right”.  There is a spiritual and religious theme throughout the track.  I needed to explore the fact that I need to do what’s best for me at any given time, even if it’s against my moral and or religious beliefs.  Basically, I don’t think anyone should stick to any set of “rules” and I learned that the hard way, you can’t beat yourself up about past decisions.
 Is it more intimidating to play in front of Denver people where your label is based, or friends and family in Seattle? It has definitely been more intimidating to play in Denver than my home town of Seattle.  I moved there six months ago to be closer to Suburban Home Records.  I had a lot to prove, being the youngest and only female signed to the label.  Especially with these record release shows I have been doing all over Colorado, I feel the pressure to be the big headlining act, draw people out to the shows, and mingle with industry folks the label brings out.  I think the pressure of all these things has been wonderful for me.  Music is my full-time job now.  Do work to get work.  If you can’t play and act like you’ve already made a gold record (humbly, of course) than you might as well apply for that nine to five.
Is the album everything you hoped for?  Do you wish things were different after the fact? I am pretty darn satisfied with this release.  I feel like the record came out exactly the way I wanted it to, way more stripped down, more country, more “Me”, like I found my sound.  After I finished recording  the record, I traveled a lot … I moved to Denver and was so inspired.  I wrote a slew of songs that I felt were fantastic.  If I could go back and replace a song on the record with one of the newer ones, I would.  The positive thing is I can now start recording a new record.
Playing The Can Can tonight, is whiskey your drink of choice?  Should we encourage shots? I am a HUGE fan of The Can Can.  It was my first choice for venues when I thought about my release party.  I love the intimate atmosphere when I play solo.  Makers Mark on the rocks is usually what I sip on.  However, I rarely encourage shots…until after my set.  I am happy to celebrate once my work is done.
Make sure to catch Lizzie Huffman perform tonight at The Can Can with Whitney Ballen and Sean McGrath at 7:30pm. Tickets are $5 (yes 5 dollars). Here is some live footage we shot of Lizzie in a past performance in Seattle.
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