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Seismic Review: Capitol Hill Block Party 2010 Pictures Day1

July 26, 2010

So there you have it… CHBP 2010 has come and gone. I did a fair job of getting video coverage and taking some pictures (despite forgetting a memory card the 1st day); but the highlights of the weekend were so abundant, its hard to choose even a couple.  For someone who takes great pleasure in the Seattle scene as I do, there were plenty of fantastic performances coming from the locals … the biggest surprise coming from Modern Athletics. This band, bar none, exceeded my expectations way beyond belief. Not only do they sound good recorded, but live they blew me away. Tight, well layered, great vocals and executed like fucking pros! Very impressive. Fences mesmerized the crowds with his amazing new material, and I can sense that this next album could be the one that breaks them out big. Just when you think that seeing a band like Champagne Champagne a half-dozen times or so is enough, it turns out that every time you see them, they do it better than the last time.  Amazing new songs with slick out of the ordinary beats that are layered with a seemless flow of rhymes; it’s just the kind of stuff that keeps the crowd enthralled till the very end. But I do have to say, nothing made me smile more than Pearl’s hair … it was old school, it was magic! I capped the night off with a genius performance of Chicago’s own Mahjongg, and left on a high note. Here are a few pics from the day… Stay tuned for Day 2 which will be live footage!


Pic-4/Modern Athletics

Pics-5/6/7/Champagne Champagne


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