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Seismic Rad-Libs: With Rad Jaw of Mad Rad & Fresh Espresso

August 4, 2010

If you live in Seattle and you have never heard of Mad Rad or Fresh Espresso, it’s quite possible you live under a rock. Terry Rad Jaw  who is one the Captains of the Mad Rad militia and the turntable master for Fresh Espresso has he agreed to give us a little more insight into what does…or doesn’t make him tick. Lets see what he has to say….

1.After a hard night of drinking I: Come home and watch movie trailers online while drinking lots of water.
2.Capitol Hill Block Party performance was: A statement.
3.Kerri bitches at us about: Everything! but then makes up for it with tasty lasagna
4.The Best MC in Seattle is: Rik Rude because he says things like “She tried to Don King the wig”.
5.Performing a new track is: Like showing a woman your penis for the first time.
6.If I have no plans for the weekend, I am going: To hop a plane to London to spin psychedelic surf rock.
7.My biggest musical inspiration are my: Friends.  I’m surrounded by geniuses; most times it’s hard to keep up.
8.If the Mayan calendar is right, I need to: Hang one up on my fridge.
9.People have no idea that: Sandwiches have feelings.  (I need to ask him about this one)
10.Most amazing piece of music I ever heard was: Brass Construction “Wake Up”.
11.If I have a feminine trait it would be: Applying chap stick every 43 minutes . Soft lips! (Hey Grrrrl!)
12.I want to come back reincarnated as: Another me but with improved gameplay.
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