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Seismic Rad-Libs: Trent Moorman of Head Like a Kite

August 25, 2010


Trent Moorman is Seattle’s very own drummer extraordinaire. Trent can be seen and heard drumming in Head Like a Kite (Duh), Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso and Gabriel Mintz. So chances are you’ve seen him around.  I asked him to be our next Rad-Lib guest in which he readily agreed; but due to the high demand of Head Like a Kite,  he has jetted off to of all places…. Guam.  The band is playing two shows. Head Like a Kite will be playing to their  minions, the tens of thousands that will gather at Guam’s local soccer stadium, to experience all the we as Seattleites take for granted. So just to give you a little more insight into to this western pacific super-star, Trent has obliged us with his Rad-Libs.

Impressing me means:  Being 18 years old and writing something like this, in 1872: “The lighting comes round to the crown post again. From the two extremities of the room– decorations negligible– harmonic elevations join. The wall opposite the watcher is a psychological succession of atmospheric sections of friezes, bands, and geological accidents. Intense quick dream of sentimental groups with people of all possible characters amidst all possible appearances.” Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations

 Playing the drums started: As a need. I was banging on walls, desktops, refrigerator doors, steering wheels, and my knees until I had no choice but to get a drum set.
I have no patience for:  Bret Michaels. 
My favorite way of killing time is:  Daydreaming about futuristic cities and submarines. 
Gabriel Mintz has a strange way of: Doing everything. 
The worst gig I ever played was:  In a cafeteria at the University of Pittsburgh. They guy saying, “Number 42, your grilled cheese is ready” was louder than we were. 
Most sensitive part of my body is: My brain.
The name Head Like A Kite comes from:  Dave Einmo’s children / a Shins song. 
Best piece of music I have ever heard: Miles Davis remix of Panthalassa remix by Bill Laswell. It’s absolutely transportive. 
Cussing: Fuck cussing. 
Most unusual thing about me is: that I can spin things on my finger. If it has a center of gravity, and it’s not a car, I can spin it. 

Head Like A Kite- We Were so Entangled

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