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Seismic Rad-Libs: Bryan Giles of Red Fang

September 8, 2010
Portland is known for their rich music scene, but their metal break-out is no doubt Red Fang. These fellas have been amassing the masses over the last couple years, and despite their unique metal-edge have been compared to Black Sabbath, Mastodon and Metallica. Their self-titled Lp has created quite a buzz, and their shows are nothing but a un-abashed good time…you almost can’t help but shake your head, and pump your fist to the epic sounds spilling out of their instruments. They will be playing El Corazon on October 7th, so mark your calendars and check them out…. Bryan Giles was nice enough to take part in our Wednesday edition of Rad-libs.
Every woman should: Avoid the Tilt”O”Whirl, I hear you can get pregnant that way.
Being on the road: Is like a box of chocolates…you get fat!
The best record I own is: The Drunks with Guns LP. It’s so angry! 
Boobs: Are Aaron’s favorite female attribute. 
 My guitar style best resembles: Four drunk snow monkeys wrestling on a narrow staircase.
Portland has the: Best chance of being the next Phoenix.
Red Fang cant: Live without our Road Chief, Chris Coyle. 
If there is after-life I want to be: Dressed appropriately. 
Alcohol makes me: Funnier and more attractive than BobcatGoldthwait!
Musical success is: Making the one-note keytar solo work.
Rob Halford: Continues to kick ass! 
Most influential album: Van Halen’s “Fair Warning” and the Muppet Movie soundtrack equally. 
My favorite Seattle metal band: Melvins
Thanks man: Hell yes!!!
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  1. September 13, 2010 9:59 am

    Red Fang just got signed to Relapse.

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