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Seismic Interview: With Langhorne Slim

September 13, 2010

If you have never seen Langhorne Slim live, well let me tell you it’s an experience. He is the epitome of what it’s like to be an all around performer. His show at Neumo’s in early August left my head reeling, and my friends as well. His music literally MAKES people move. It’s like a refined un-daunting folky-americana mosh pit, but without all the moshing, and just a whole lot of moving. The New album “Be Set Free” is an another incredible piece of work; a work of growth and progress. I was able to shoot some questions at Langhorne and he was more than happy to indulge seismic-sound with some pretty straight forward answers, and to make things even better, I took some live video footage of his Neumos performance so you can get a feel for his incredible live performance. But trust me…. you truly have to see it to believe it. As of right now, its in my top 10 shows in 2010.


Well first I guess a Happy Birthday is in order. How did you celebrate this “monumental” day? (His Birthday was late August). Thank you.  I was fortunate to have some friends and family with me.  It was a great way to turn 30!

What do the 30’s hold for Langhorne Slim?
Big delicious beautiful things.
Is it true you start to feel more comfortable in your skin? People say it just gets better.
Its only been a few days, give me a couple of weeks to settle in… I do think as we get older we get to know, trust and like ourselves more.
You’ve been on the road supporting “Be Set Free”, and by now you’re a veteran of the road. Your remember leaving on your first tour? What was the feeling like?
I felt uncaged, released.
Do you have a most memorable road experience??
So many memorable ones that I forgot them. I am a gay man, so consider the source of this question. Your given name isn’t Langhorne Slim, but your clothes you wear on stage scream Langhorne Slim, its kind of brilliant. Is this your honest style, or does someone style you?
I am not a gay man, but im a big fan of you guys!  I dress the same way to the grocery store as I do for the stage.  Finding used and vintage things of all kinds is a passion of mine.  I enjoy the pursuit of hidden treasures.
I’m a hat guy,…obsessed. You seem to be a hat guy. What do you like about them, and do you have a favorite style?I’m seeing some Langhorne hats on the market..what do you think?
I just like the way a good hat makes me feel.  No immediate plans for a hat or clothes line but im into it if the opportunity presents itself.
Ok..sorry got side-tracked. So live you’re one of the best performers I have ever seen. You always seem to know exactly where you are on stage if you know what I mean. Who inspired you?
The great bluesmen John Lee Hooker sings in a song called “Boogie Chillin” about over hearing a conversation his mom had with his father where she said something like “he’s got something in him that needs to come out”.   I have no idea where that feeling comes from but I’ve always felt it.  A few main inspirations would be Dylan, Dali, Cobain and Muhammad Ali.
An ongoing debate I have with some friends is … Do you pay attention to the music first, or the lyrics?
It goes both ways for me but the melody usually come first .
You should be playing to 5,000 people like The Avett Bros; Your as good if not better. Why them and not you?
All in good time my friend.
Anything coming up from Langhorne Slim that your fans may want to know about? Anything Juicy?
I’m writing the new album now and we will be in a town near you in Oct or Dec.  See you somewhere out there!
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