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Seismic Rad-Libs: Brent Amaker

September 15, 2010


Who say’s Seattle ain’t got no cowboy’s.  Not only do we got em, this one in particular can play a mean a guitar, and has a baritone that makes panties drop, and even some briefs.  The beloved Brent Amaker & The Rodeo have a new album called “Please Stand By” coming out on October 19th, and the only proper way to unveil it, is to throw a shindig at the legendary Crocodile Cafe for the City Arts and Heineken sponsored City Arts Festival, that runs October 20th through the 23rd. He doesn’t saturate the Seattle music scene with his great performances, so catch this party before it heads to Europe for a stint, because rumor is, the performances put on by these five cowboys are as entertaining as the songs themselves. Its gonna be the most civilized hoe down in downtown Seattle, or will it? I was able to “lasso” (bad I know) Brent into doing this Wednesday’s edition of Rad-Libs where he gives it to us straight.

Best way to relieve stress is: Head.  Getting, not giving.

Blood dripping blood means: The trouble only starts with the first cut.

People might be surprised to know: I make my pie crust from scratch.  This is the truth.   Ask anyone who has ever been invited to my place for dinner.

Traveling Europe is better with: The Rodeo.  Travel is best when you have a mission.  Better yet as a cowboy.

 A crazy fan: Once tried to give me advice.  Do I look like I need advice?

 Touch my hat: And assume the consequences.

Favorite part of being in the studio is: Spending time on the couch watching shit go down.

Difference between Western and Country music: Is true grit.

 I can’t go to bed without: My daily dose of psyllium husk.

Best way to spend a Sunday is: Doing whatever is necessary to recover from Saturday.

The Rodeo: Perform and record Western music.  Give us a listen.  You won’t regret it.

Cheers Brent!

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