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Seismic Rad-Libs: Will Hallauer of The Little Penguins.

September 29, 2010



Have you heard of The Little Penguins? Well this Seattle post-punk, rock band is working on album number three, and Erik Blood is at the helm producing which could only spell goodness. This Thursday the 30th of September they will be playing The Comet, so if your contemplating some amazing Seattle musicality…then go check em out. But until then, lead singer Will Hallauer gives us his Rad-Libs.

 I’ve got one: Big burning urge to have The Horrors take us on tour across Europe.

 My biggest disappointment in life was: Learning that having all the best intentions in the world sometimes isn’t enough.

 Capital Hill has: The best and the worst life has to offer, often on the same block.
Little Penguins is: Something I never thought I’d do.
Writing gives me: Satisfaction. When it’s done, that is.
A perfect night consists of: Come on. My Mom might read this.
My biggest turn on is: Nerds.
I hate it when: a great series gets cancelled. Deadwood. COME ON.
Success means: You’ve envisioned something and brought it into the world. Of course, that’s not always good. It’s just successful.
People don’t understand my: Sense of humor sometimes.
I love to overindulge in: Laphroaig. Yum.
I get nostalgic when:I play old NES games.


The Little Penguins-Hundred days of snow

The Little Penguins– Candy Hearts

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