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Happy Birthday Tiny Dancer: The Stork

December 15, 2010

Written By: Brent Amaker

Tiny Dancer is a private person.  He doesn’t offer information about himself unless required.  He is difficult to find if you’re looking for him.  He does not have a cell phone and he doesn’t have a computer.  When robots take over the world, Tiny Dancer will  be a survivor. While others are quickly tracked down and terminated through careless usage of mobile devices and credit card transactions; Tiny Dancer will be sitting in a warm place eating a freshly made street taco.

 Tiny Dancer is equally elusive when it comes to his signature stage move.  Every member of The Rodeo has a signature move, although few have seen what Tiny Dancer has hatched.  For several years now Tiny Dancer has been secretly attending the ballet and studying world-class dancers for inspiration.  Unbeknownst to the band, TD was sneaking into dance studios during the day to see professional dancers prepare for big events.  And at the end of the day he would stay up into the wee hours of the night studying wildlife films.  He did all this with the single objective of creating a signature move that was completely original and completely explosive for our live show. Just when Tiny Dancer was ready to unveil his move to the world, he broke his leg and required surgery. That bizarre accident led to a benefit show to raise money for this recovery.

So things were delayed.  The world was left waiting for Tiny Dancer’s signature move.  His leg healed and the Rodeo went on tour.  As Tiny Dancer became stronger, he became more confident.  And then one evening, while on the road.  When no one else was looking.  I saw it.  I almost went blind from looking too long.  Tiny Dancer would not talk about the move.  He would not repeat it on demand.  But he did say that he called his new move “The Stork”.  
So when we went to work on our music video for “Man in Charge – Tilson Remix“, the director (Shawn Telford) asked Tiny Dancer for something special.  I hoped, I prayed it would be The Stork.  I had my camera ready, and that’s when it happened.  Behold, I now show you the public, for the very first time, The Stork.

Today is Tiny Dancer’s birthday.  If you know how to reach him, give him a shout.  If not, just keep him in your thoughts.  Happy Birthday Tiny Dancer.
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