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Seismic- Sounds Hillebrity of The Month: Dita Vox

December 31, 2010


 She doesn’t need much of an introduction. Not only is she a fixture on the Cap Hill scene, but she’s the bomb-shell that takes the reigns on one of Seattle’s most respected live acts Thee Emergency. Now add “faux reality” actress to her resume, as she takes a major role in MTV’s series $5 Dollar Cover(which you can see here), as well as the poster girl.  She’s the whole package and she’s our January Hillebrity. Lets get her take on “The Hill”.,

One of  the most memorable moments on the hill?
Election night 2008.  I was at the Comet (of course) and when the news hit that Obama had won the Presidency the whole place erupted.  Then Pike Street started to fill with people, everyone was beaming, like we’d won some kind of revolution.  The police took it all in stride, there was dancing and drinking.  Unforgettable.
 One of your favorite spots on Capitol Hill?
 My absolute favorite spot on Capitol Hill is the Conservatory at Volunteer Park.  If that place has to close because of city budget problems, I’ll just cry and cry.  2nd fave = The Comet
 If you could open your own bar on the hill, what would the theme be?
Name: Lucy’s.  Theme: 60’s mod Rock’n’Roll. Fully stocked jukebox (think Vermillion), live music.  The menu would have an international theme that rotated monthly. Drink special: Tequilatini
 Your drink of choice?
Good tequila on the rocks with a lime.  Cazadores Repesado is yummy, Aha Toro and Hussong’s are also great.  No Patron please, that stuff is a lie in a bottle.
 Favorite club/bar on the CH?
Drinking = The Comet (where everybody knows your naaame). Dancing = Havana. Eating = Presse. Karaoke = The Crescent. To Rock = Neumos.
Biggest annoyance on the hill?
Worst experiences on the hill?
Public Funerals (good band name)
If a bar named a drink after you, what would it be called?
The Dirty Dita
Best spot to people watch?
10th and Pike, Cal Anderson
Prediction for CH in 20 years?
In 20 years I bet CH will look more like Queen Anne. The yuppies are coming!
Prediction for you in 20 years?
Same, big fat yuppie
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