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Seismic Sound Video Review: Kelli Schaefer CD Release with Joseph Giant and Ships

March 1, 2011

You know when you experience something so special, that you want to write about it or just simply share it with a friend, and it turns out to be multiple friends, and some of those friends hear it twice maybe three times. Well witnessing Kelli Schaefer live was one of those times, and its so truly hard to explain the beauty and emotion in her voice, but it’s also hard to explain the respect her music demands once she takes the stage. So when  it flusters me as a writer, and a struggling writer at that. I am always so thrilled to know that I have a recording device in hand, and a platform to share it with people, so I can share exactly what I meant. 

 After the show I was sitting on the couch in the green room and Kelli walked in with her beautiful mod black vintage dress, that was simply stunning,  looking a bit tired, so I asked … are you exhausted? She said “yeah these can really take it out of me”, and right then I knew that there was a reason this audience gave her that kind of  un-flappable attention, because it’s mutual. Kelli gives it her all, she pours her heart and soul into it. And in order for me to convey this feeling to you, the reader, I have some beautiful video footage just to show you how amazing this was. Please buy her album, its amazing and spectacular. She really represents the best of the Pacific Northwest, and to be honest more. In addition to her videos, I also have some footage of one of my personal favorites Joseph Giant. Joe Syverson “the man” behind Joseph Giant  is an incredible talent, a brilliant musician to be quite frank and everything he seems to put his hands on, turns out extraordinary, so take a listen. And lastly the openers Ships who were a fantastic lo-fi shoegazey pop delight. I really loved this band, so check out their video as well. Incredible evening of music…..enjoy.

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