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Seismic-Sound Fast-Track: The Thoughts

March 14, 2011

                                                       Photo By: Lori Paulson

Although The Thoughts have been playing together since 2007. They have some how flown under our radar until about 7 months ago (and seemingly most others), when I found their incredibly beautiful music on-line and couldn’t seem to stop listening. The Thoughts are made up of Ian Williams, Katie Mosehauer and John Horwath and they just recently released their brand new LP “I Won’t Keep You here” which is a stunning piece of work.

I was lucky enough to catch this trio play at The Sunset Tavern for their CD release party… and I was very curious to see if the emotional overtones of this band, really, truly carried over to a live audience. No sooner did they break into the first few chords of the first song and the beautiful yet seemless vocal efforts on the behalf of front-man Ian Williams, the beautiful strings of Katie Mosehauer and the classic yet amazing drum skills of John Horwath … and I was certain that I had found something special. So I think the best way to introduce you to this band is to let you listen and watch the live footage I shot of their CD release party performance at The Sunset Tavern. Also look for them to play’s very first show at the High Dive on May 26th, with other special guest’s to be announced.

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