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April Hillebrity of the Month: Kevin Hulett

April 1, 2011
Best venue to see a show on the hill and why?
It really depends on the show, but I’ll say Neumo’s on account of the fact I work there.   Fortunately the place is cool as shit with a killer sound system. 
Your drink of choice?
I love scotch, tequila and shots of Fernet equally.  For the most part, I try not to drink the same thing too often, but I find myself having go-to drinks at specific bars.
Favorite bar on the hill to let your hair down?
I’ll go with HG Lodge on this one, but I’m not afraid to get buck wild anywhere.  It’s not unusual for me to visit 5 or 6 bars on any given night, so my hair is down throughout the hood.
Best place on the Hill to bring a date?
Barrio, Tavern Law, and Knee High Stocking Co are all killer date spots.  I typically try to avoid taking ladies out on the Hill though.  I run into too many drunk-ass friends on the reg.  That seems to raise red flags amongst females that are classier than I may deserve.
A night you’d rather forget after drinking on the hill? What happened?
I actually do forget a lot of nights after drinking on the Hill, so this isn’t easy to pick one bad night.  I usually regret nights I go out but don’t drink.  Observing the madness of a Champagne Champagne show at the Comet while sober several months back got a lil’ weird.  Me and Radjaw watched these drunk chicks jockey for dancing position on top of a table and nearly come to blows.  One of them kept looking at us like we should do something for her.  I just said, “you can get off the table”.
You open a bar on the hill, whats the theme… and name?
It would look like a classy rock & roll bar that young & old folk feel comfortable in.  We’d play predominantly hip-hop and punk rock tunes and make top-notch classic cocktails.  Although PBR and cheap whiskey would still be available.  We’d probably serve some of the best tacos & chicken wings in the city at a good price too.  As for the name…  That sounds more difficult to decide than a band name.
Favorite cup of coffee on the hill?
I don’t care for coffee, but I often pick up some tea at Caffe Vita.
Best music show you have ever seen on the hill?
This is a freakishly tough one to narrow down.  Converge and Coalesce at Neumo’s last year was brutally insane.  Champagne Champagne at King Cobra for Block Party was a personal fave too.  And let’s not forget the Cave Singers at the original Anne Bonny location.  I seem to have oddly focused on bands that start with ‘C’, so I’ll say any Akimbo show at the Comet has been memorable.
Whats your biggest pet peeve about the hill?
It’s often difficult to walk around without ending up drinking too much.  “Alright, I’ll just have one drink with you” is something I often utter before going on to drink excessively.
Where do you see the hill in 20 years?
 I see rednecks taking over in 20 years.  They gotta go somewhere after the hipsters infiltrate the countryside to start organic farms.
And where will Kevin be in 20 years?
 Hopefully banging models atop a pile of cash, but more likely wishing I had preemptively put my name on the liver transplant waiting list.
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