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Seismic-Sound Featured Tracks: Broken Water, Crypt, Modern Athletics, Priory, Tied To The Branches.

April 29, 2011

Track #1 Broken Water: One of the hottest and most talked about bands in 2011, goes by the name of Broken Water and they hail from Olympia, Wa.  Formed in 2008, this three-piece rock band is no undoubtedly influenced by everything PNW in the 90’s up until the here and the now. One thing is for sure, they have a sound that resonates for days after, so you don’t want to miss them play with Kinski, Strong Killing and Mopper at The Comet May 13th.

Track #2 Crypts: There’s a new band in town. but if you’re remotely involved in “the scene”, you’ll certainly know,that these fellas aren’t exactly new.  Bryce Brown used to play in Chk Minus, Steve Snere used to play with These Arms are Snakes and Nick Bartoletti is know more for his visual artistry about town, but nonetheless when put in the same room with some refurbished musical toys, they become known as Crypts…. and the sound they create will invade every opening on your consider yourself warned. Don’t miss them open for Zola Jesus at The Crocodile on May 4th.

Track #3 Modern Athletics:  from Seattle, Wa burst onto the scene last year with loads of buzz. Only as of recently did we hear their first complete LP called “Give Us a Shove”, and quite frankly it’s good…its really good. Look for them to perform on May 18th at The Tractor Tavern.

Track #4 Priory: If you haven’t heard of Priory out of Portland, Oregon; I imagine it is just a matter of time, because these boys have some infectious indie-pop/electronic-folk music, that’s bound to get under your skin. Their new self titled LP will be hitting the stores on June 21st under the Expunged Records label, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled, cause our sister city carries butt-loads of talent and I predict Priory to make some waves. Look for them on June 19th at The Comet with The Solvents. Sick bill.

Track #5 Tied To The Branches: I’ve really enjoyed what these two fellas (now three) from San Francisco have been able to come up with in the past, so after receiving a copy of their new EP “Light of Day, It’s Ok”, I was anxious to see where their musical artistry had taken them. After hitting play and listening to opening track Walls, I was instantly hooked. Heavily laden with vocal reverb layered over soft vocals, some psychedelic guitars and a nice steady riff…it had me, so take a listen. They will be playing the Josephine this summer, so stay tuned for details.

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