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Seismic-Sound Video Review: Ravenna Woods, Weinland and Fort Union.

May 11, 2011


If you were unfortunate enough to miss the brilliant performances that took place at Columbia City Theater on May 7th, well you’re in luck, cause we were fortunate enough to be there, and with camera in hand. New band Fort Union kicked things off and from the little shards of things I heard coming from them….they could take this whole folk-pop thing to a very smart cerebral level of electronic knob- turning marriage… which could spell a fresh new sound. Time will tell.

Weinland from Portland Oregon impressed the crowd with their tight sounds, and Adam Shearer’s incredibly strong and invigorating vocals. Obviously full of talent and seemingly groomed for stardom, it was an honor to check these guys out on our home turf in such a beautiful sounding theater.

Do I really need to say much about the main focus of the evening….. Ravenna Woods?? I mean really? I honestly think they have it on all levels. You watch the videos of all the bands, and you be the judge. (In HD BTW..)

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