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Seismic-Sounds Rad-Libs: Priory

June 17, 2011
 Last time I saw the band Priory at the High Dive,  they completely floored me with their well polished BIG indie pop sounds and unabashedly crass, yet smooth vocal harmonies; to say the least I thought …. they have all the components for dare I say it….mainstream success. Don’t believe us, head down to the Comet Tavern and check them out for yourself. By the way, get there early cause The Solvents open, and their garnering a bit of a buzz on their own right now. Great bill , and an incredible way to kick off the week ahead. Now enjoy Priory’s Rad-Libs!
I will never eat: green eggs and ham.  Priory, I am.
I have way to many: instruments, not enough appendages.  
My ultimate fantasy is: to make rent.  So far so good.  All with a guitar in tune.
I don’t think I could ever: drive a Mazda Miata.  
The best way to piss me off while performing is: to talk bad about my mom.  
My super group would me made up of who:  Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Me.  CSNYM.
My last supper would be: thanksgiving with CSNYM.  Crosby is in the corner pouring stiff toddies.  Stills is neglecting the gravy.  Nash is boasting of his mashed potatoes.  Young is sitting indian style in front of the oven waiting for the turkey timer to pop.  I’m in the middle of it all and ask, “What’s everyone thankful for?”.  Crosby says, “Solo projects”.  Hurrah.
The name priory came about when: one of us purchased a record from the 70’s by a group of monks in West Virginia.  They put it out as the priory.  While we’re not at all a religious band, we like the idea of like-minded people living together in community to reach a common goal and use discipline.  
The worst habit a band member has on the road is: to purchase and eat in the bus a bag of Corn Nuts.  The smell is reproachful, an abomination.  To commit such an act should be grounds for dismissal.  
Portland is: a good but busy parent.  He is somewhat of a workaholic, which I both respect and resent.  Sometimes he takes me to the zoo, or a ballgame, and those are my best memories. 

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