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November 3, 2011

So we are in over 15 years now, are you happy with where that band is at?: yes we are very happy we’ve created timeless hits and have traveled the world and met our heroes.

Is there a worst time you can remember for the band?: the worst was in Oklahoma getting paid 20 bucks then having to drive out and spend the night in our van on the side of the highway, only to make it home to your girlfriend telling you she cheated on ya, and getting a call from your boss saying you’ve been fired!

And what about the best?: The best I think is when we could tell our bosses and girlfriends to fuck off!. No… one of the best was at Vice magazines anniversary party in Mexico city for 2000 people in a huge ancient cathedral, then having about a hundred guys storm the gates and run over the security so they could come up on stage and rock with us.

Besides the incredible roster they have…what was it about In The Red Records that made you want to work with them?: In The Red is great and Larry Hardy rules, and we got a fat check! JOKING!!!!

Everyone’s a critic and your fan base is pretty harcore….do you give a shit what people have to say? Even if it’s those hardcore fans?: We have the most loyal and hardcore fans than any band out there, of course I care what they say! but in the end the decision is ours!

When you write … is it lyrics or music first?: sometimes its the music and sometimes its an idea of a topic but never lyrics.

Your tour is basically already started… any new masks or stage pyro we can expect?: I can’t reveal that info!

If you could change the Seattle music scene, how would you do it?: I would bring back the fun! I hate the fucking beard rock and soft songs. I mean c’mon lets see some puss and hear a good tune man! Oh and we’re sick of baggy pants and hats turned sideways. Nickel and Dime sucks! Long Live THE SPITS!

CD Release show at Chop Suey on Friday, November 4th. Doors at 9!

Out Now!!! Album number 5 (Self-Titled)

1. All I Want

2. My Mess

3. Tomorrow’s Children

4. Electric Brain

5. Fed Up

6. Fallout Beach

7. My Life Sucks

8. I’m Scum

9. Brick By Brick

10. Acid Rain

11. Wanna Be ADD

12. Last Man on Earth

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