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Song Dissection With Artist: Garrett Hobba of The Soft Hills & Song “Phoenix.”

November 18, 2011

The singer of the song invites the listener to embark on a vision quest where new things might be discovered. The lyrics “in the misty morning I’ll be here with you” bring to mind an open field in the countryside covered with fresh mist, where one finds his connection with the world’s timelessness and beauty. The singer’s words are comforting, like a friend who will stick with you to the end. He is a guiding light who helps pull us through when we get lost in a desert of madness.
The chorus states a simple truth, “poverty is the wise mans gold/ he throws his riches to the open road”, meaning that our possessions weigh us down, and it is only when we are not attached or hung up on things that we find real joy. Our minds are constantly plagued by crazy thoughts running around inside our heads (“theres too many wheels turning round”). In order to return to a child-like state of wonder our minds need to become still.
A revelation comes to the wanderer. His transformation is symbolized in the flaming vision of the Phoenix. The mythological creature is at once majestic and terrifying. There is a sense of destruction and delirium. The initiate must pass through hellfire before awakening to pure consciousness.
The traveler returns from his vision quest and must embrace life again. Things appear the same but he has a new way of looking at them. The lyrics, “you can walk with me anytime you want cause theres really no place to arrive”, suggest that we often have a future destination where we seek to arrive. But the truth is that we never arrive at any final destination. We only have this present moment. Another aspect of the wanderer’s heightened awareness involves his recognizing that it isn’t necessary to assert his opinions or make judgments. There is one corner of the universe that you can change and that is yourself. When we look at ourselves we see that we are all broken. The journeyman returns with a greater sense of sympathy and understanding. His illusions have been shattered and he is free to love.
Make sure to keep and eye out for the new LP to drop on Februaury 14th, 2012, and the record release show on January 21st with Karl Blau and Joseph Giant (Genius bill!) at The Sunset Tavern. In the mean time, here is the song this whole “disection” is about. Listen to the track below.

The Soft HillsPhoenix

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