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Seismic Rad-Libs With: Cristina Bautista

December 6, 2011

Cristina Bautista …. remember that name, cause she’s not only that gorgeous little powerhouse bassist from Visqueen; but a solo artist as well (Pick up Gold Parts’s pop-rock perfection). I predict this woman is headed for much bigger things, and this will be your last time to see her before she heads into the studio to record her full length, so catch her while you can this Wednesday at The Sunset Tavern with Mike Bloom and Miracle Parade. Doors at 9/21+/$6. Enjoy her Rad-Libs and click on her name above to check her out!

I like it when a man: is from South Dakota, has a mohawk and plays an orange Gretsch.

 You will never see: the video of me ice skating dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, which is a real shame because I made an adorable four-year-old Donatello.

 I have no shame in: my new life dream of covering Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” with Nicki Minaj. Somebody please tell her who the eff I am?

 My best feature would be: dual side airbags.

 Music gets me in the mood to: ruin my life and forfeit any semblance of normalcy or financial stability, apparently.

 I could never: have known how good ruining my life and forfeiting any semblance of normalcy or financial stability would feel.

 I wish people would: stop punctuating sentences with “bitches!” (Example: “We’re going to Applebee’s, bitches!”)

 My last meal would consist of: an Olympic athlete’s right calf with a side of Totino’s pizza rolls.

 There is never enough: time to find bigger, stretchier pants right before I become the Incredible Hulk. I’ve ruined so many good jeans.

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    Hey wait a second…

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