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December 16, 2011

The West is a five-piece Seattle band formed in late 2010 by songwriter Anthony Darnell and Bob Husak (drummer of The Blakes). They were later joined by keyboardist Adrienne Clark, producer/guitarist Reed Griffin, and songwriter/electronic producer Arthur Ross. Their sound is a combination of melodic vocals over high-energy bass with a bit of catchy synth and guitar leads thrown in. It’s a world of dirty
Dance-rock straight from the garage, but it always remains hopeful. In November 2011, they released their debut “Don’t Make a Sound” EP. Members: Adrienne Clark a keys, vocals; Anthony Darnell a guitar, keys, vocals; Reed Griffin a guitar; Bob Husak a drums; Arthur Ross a bass, vocals. (Take a listen below)
The West-It Was Disco and it’s Over

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