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Seismic-Sound’s New Writer: Chelsea Robinson – Writer Extraordinaire and Queen Biatch!

January 2, 2012

A few weeks ago I was pulled aside and asked what I envisioned for Seismic-Sound, and I oh so delicately told him what I saw. In the confines of that conversation the name Chelsea Robinson came up and it immediately rang a bell. I knew who she was, because she had “friended” me on Facebook aways back. She obviously was a mover and a shaker and was utilizing  Facebook for one of the many great things its known for …it’s an amazing networking tool. Rumor was she was a great writer .. and quite simply she is. I’m not putting rules per say on any writers that write for the site, I want their personalities to shine through in their writing, so if they have a “crass or vulgar” way of wording things then so be it. So I am excited to say that this mover and shaker, and not to mention scene-maker is now ours, and will be contributing on show reviews/previews and lord only knows what else, but I am stoked to have her aboard. Read her bio below:

Chelsea Robinson comes from rock n’ roll stock (not to brag, but her uncle was the original drummer for The Modern Lovers and then the drummer for The Cars! Squee!) and is consistently dismayed at her lack of actual music skills. This lack has made her a keen observer of others’ musical talents instead and a deep appreciator of those who can move people with music. She considers it a blessing she moved here from a shithole small town in Massachusetts so she could have her mind completely fucking blown by all the amazing music this area has produced and continues to produce. Her favorite shit is the riot grrrl bands of the 90s, the girl groups of the 60s, and the embarassingly terrible pop music of pretty much every era. She lives in Ballard with a roommate and a chubby cat named Lord Early Gravy Writher the Tenderheart.

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