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Seismic-Sound Album Reviews: Ticktockman, Posse and SharkPact. (2-14-12)

February 13, 2012

Ticktockman – Self-Titled
Release Date-  2-14- 12

Is that rock I hear? This full length features members of Gatsby’s American Dream and Wild Orchid Children getting their prog-rock jam on. Technically this album is slaying dragons: surgeon precision rhythm, Lum’s guitar crushes, while Van Wieringen vocals serenade your destruction. With tracks like “The Architect” and “Sinister Mystery Cloud Swallows Ships”, TT tip their hats to The Mars Volta in brain cramping song titles and arena sized sound. Hasn’t been anything in the NW music scene this bombastic in quite a while.
CD Release @ The High Dive- Feb. 24

SharkpactDitches (Rumbletowne Records)
Release Date- Out Now!

Finally, my two piece synth-punk fetish has a new obssession. Upon listening, you can almost smell the wood paneled basement, the wood peeling off the walls with Sharkpact’s loud and pound, screamy sound. But more than that, “Ditches” is solid and made for the repeat button. If you don’t know (then you’ll prolly miss it), this Oly duo will be reppin’ Rumbletowne Records at Slabtown Punk Fest in Portland. Yeah I know, time machine.

PosseSelf Titled
Release Date- 1.24.12

Posse’s debut speaks the late 90’s punk gospel, with ethereal lip snarl vocals and double time backbeats as it’s weapons of choice. Always in control with an itchy trigger finger, playing like pillow talk between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. The lead off “Hey Suzanne” seems to have been getting the play, but deeper cuts like the daringly, snarky “Backrubs” and cooly orchestrated “Viaduct” get me out my seat.  Cool. American. Indie rock.

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