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Seismic-Sound Review: The West Kick-Off Party with Showstopper ReignWolf

February 21, 2012

Those lucky enough to score a invite to a mysterious event called “The West” on Saturday night at the West Seattle’s Eagle Club #2643 were treated to a performance from Jordan Cook (AKA Reignwolf) that was mind-shattering.   Opening the event (which also featured My Goodness, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo and DJ Cherry Canoe)  solo with just his guitar and a kick drum, Cook might have been lumped in with all of the other  minimalist  rockers who have followed in Jack and Meg’s wake, but he has a certain ability with his guitar that sets him apart.   The guy is, at heart, an amazing guitarist.   He’s tuneful, understands tone and above all really loud…but not too loud.   

He played a couple of tunes by-himself  and these were all virtuosic and bombastic, he even played standing atop his kick drum and behind a trap set.   It takes some serious chops to overcome the “look at me, I’m fucking awesome” douchebaggery that follows “guitar god” types (remember the Blakes?) and Cook brings it.   By his second song, he had the crowd in his thrall and didn’t let go once for the next thirty minutes.   

While Cook playing solo was awesome, when he was joined by his brother on a de-tuned electric and a drummer, the sound was huge, dark and awesome.   This is some of the best loud, intimidating and fun guitar based music I have seen for a while.   Make no mistake, in a genre where nothing, absolutely nothing hasn’t been done before 100 times over, it is really, really hard to stand out.   Judging from the wide smiles and bopping skulls, Reignwolf totally rose to the occasion.   

The West is a project that brings together many West Seattle nightlife and music movers and shakers to showcase the cultural riches of Seattle’s second city.   Hoping to prove that “The West” has as much to offer as Cap Hill or Ballard, organizers hope to sponsor an event every three to four months throughout the year.   According to event producer, Oliver Little, “It’s all about community.   It’s all about bringing the best people, musicians, sound people, bar and restaurant owners together and seeing what you can do.”   

If Saturday’s event at the West Seattle Eagles Club #2643 was any indication (free booze!), we will all be heading West much more this year.~Dan Thornton. Live Reignwolf Footage below! Don’t miss his April 7th in-studio at KEXP or even better yet, catch him playing this Saturday Feb.25th at The Sunset.

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  1. Brenda Colbert permalink
    February 21, 2012 11:06 pm

    Every time I watch this guitarist perform, I’m in awe of his limitless talent!

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