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Seismic-Sound Album Reviews: Shearwater, Busdriver and Black Marble.

February 27, 2012
Busdriver Beau$Eros (Fake Four) *click on Busdriver to listen*
Some drop science, but wordsmith samurai Busdriver has a PhD in Avantcore.
The 9th album from this hip hop legacy (his dad wrote Krush Groove) is equal parts what you would expect /exactly what you would expect from an artist who constantly pushes to transcend genre. 
The floor bumping “Ass To Mouth” is the closest to traditional verse-course-verse B treats us to Beau$Eros, but the rest, straight quantum physics. B’s rapid-fire ratatat style might at first seem at odds with Belgian producer Loden mix R&B, pop, electronica and Euro-dance beats, but if a longtime fan, you will be floored. 
Shearwater Animal Joy (Sub Pop) *click on Shearwater to listen*
Gently shedding some folk conventions, Shearwater leaves behind the “Island Arc” for an all-encompassing, organic sound as real and powerful as nature itself. On “Immaculate”, Jonathan Meiburg’s (ex-Okervil River) 80’s falsetto sails effortlessly over a power-pop melody, a brief glimpse of so much more.
Don’t worry, Animal Joy is not so much departure as transformation.
Black MarbleWeight Against the Door EP (Hardly Art) *click on Black Marble to listen*
Brooklyn coldwave duo finds heart at the center of a deep, black stone on Weight Against The Door.
Black Marble’s synth style buzzes with heavy emotion all while sounding as if created by retro-futuristic robots
The keys on standout track “Backwards” dance with sonic serenity, drawing up rich, dark red passion where there most certain was none to bear.
Minimalistic but vast, Black Marble triumphs.
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