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Seismic-Sounds Newest Writer: Scott Wagner

March 5, 2012

W. Scott Wagner is a born-again writer based in Seattle.  He has worked in print media for over 15 years, and currently serves as VP over at City Arts Magazine.  He’s also been known to rock the mic — YouTube “High Tone Son Of A Bitch” if you dare.  When not in relentless pursuit of the perfect riff or putting a hurting on a barstool, Scott is a big sports fan, master comfort food chef, and cultural consumer – devouring any and all movies, TV shows, books, magazines, video games and technology that he can get his hands on.  He is not a particularly fancy dresser.  His grandfather was a famous pro wrestler, and he accidentally named his puggles Penny and Marshall, though he swears he is not a Laverne and Shirley fetishist.  Scott has written for all of the newspapers and magazines he’s worked for, and he continues to produce essays, fiction and rock and roll as time allows.  He is single, charming, and should be considered very dangerous.

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