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Seismic-Sound Preview: Memoryhouse at The Crocodile. Tonight! March 9th, 2011.

March 9, 2012

It all started out in a Canadian home: Evan, a music composer, and Denise, a photographer and singer, had an idea for an art project. At conception it was a multimedia project which incorporated their photography, short films and music… But surprise! Out came the dream-pop duo Memoryhouse with their layered sounds, poetic lyrics and my personal fave: a perfectly placed pedal steel guitar! This accidental band is an art project gone incredibly right! Their first EP, “The Years”, brought them to light in the music world with 5 home-recorded songs.  In 2011, they were picked up by the local Sub Pop record label and on February 28th they released their first full LP “The Slideshow Effects”.

Recommended by and KEXP, the show will consist of their band and a slide show of photographical inspirations that guide you through their wistful adventure. You can expect an easy-going night of music that only a classical music composer and an artist could create. The standout songs on the album “The Kids Were Wrong” and the twangy but not country “Bonfire” are sure to be on their set list. Well, I am hoping…

After blasting “The Slideshow Effects” in my office all day (no seriously, my day job sucks… I mean ALL. DAY.LONG.) and learning about their art project turned band, I am clearing my Friday night and heading to The Crocodile to catch this show. See you there! ~ Sara Johnson 


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