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Seismic-Sound Commentary With: Sister Crayon

March 26, 2012

The night started out with Terra Lopez (vocals) stepping up to the stage and shouting to the crowd “Hi! How are you?” smiling, with no mic. Her sweet and friendly demeanor is an unlikely contrast to the haunting electronically-induced music that bled through the speakers for the rest of the night. Although the music is dark, it is not heavy and is often extremely sensual.

Terra’s voice walks a fine line between ghostly and angelic and completely blew me away when she belted out her talent throughout the night, giving the small audience everything she had. With every song, her passion grew, which led to dancing through the entire set but never compromising her vocals. She absolutely crushed it with their song “(In)Reverse” which starts out sounding like a broken lullaby and slowly drops in the percussion, organ … and finally vocals.

The brilliant artistry in which new sounds and instruments were layered into each and every song, was magical and something that I don’t hear often. It was almost as if they were giving me a quick glimpse into how the song was constructed. At times, pieces of the music were unexpected but made so much sense in the overall sound. They have found the perfect balance of weird and talented. This is a group of artists that are clearly experimenting with sound and have totally found their niche doing so.

Sister Crayon made my work week bearable by giving me a not-so-typical-Tuesday. Meaning: I don’t typically head out to Ballard and
fall in love with a little-known Sacramento quartet that is dropping by the Emerald City to play for less than 60 people at a red-lit dive bar.

Yeah… It was my fucking dream Tuesday, PBR’s included.

Sister Crayon was AH-MAZ-ING. I can’t wait to see them again.

And a quick shout out to the imbecile in the front row that interrupted the show to ask the band name, where they were from and some bullshit about Church’s fried chicken: Shut up! And Herbert West, can I get some back-up here? ~Sara Johnson

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