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Seismic-Sound Rad-Libs with: Galen Disston of Pickwick

April 9, 2012


 6-8 hours on the road puts: hair on my face. Not really, but oh holy god please give me hair on my face.

Galen Disston can: be mistaken for a woman.

The term “blue eyed soul” has: never made sense to me. The Spencer Davis Group does though.

Seattle could never: lose its luster. I still feel butterflies about this place.

My hair tends: to cause me to be mistaken for a woman. 

3 things about me, people might be surprised about are: I have 2 kids, I love the Grateful Dead, and I am actually a man.

if I could collect anything, at any cost it would be: Chad Vangaalen’s Skelliconnection on Vinyl.

The state of our music scene is: pretty incredible. Excited for Thee Satisfaction, Damien Jurado, Kevin Long, and of course, Campfire OK

Pickwicks new album has: Luke Skywalkers blessing.

A perfect day consists ofnot going to my day job, make believing with my son, eating cheesecake, listening to FOXYGEN, making money, flying (sans plane), winning the lottery, seeing the WAR ON DRUGS live, and taking a shower.

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