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Seismic-Sound Preview of: Ramona Falls at The Sunset Tavern. May 17th 2012.

May 17, 2012

In the embarrassing riches of the Pacific Northwest music scene Portland’s Brent Knopf (Ramona Falls,Menomena) stands out as a renaissance man, a prolific artist with limitless capacity.  The former one-third of the much acclaimed experimental indie rock group Menomena, Knopf is a trendsetter whose array of contributions and collaborations read like a modern Da Vinci. Producer (Matt Sheehy and Dear Reader), tech innovator (creator of the Digital Loop Recorder), and curator (have you seen his Theo Ellsworth album covers?!), Knopf’s diverse interests are only trumped by his unmistakable musical compositions.

His greatly publicized departure from the open forum creative style of Menomena was an acknowledged risk that has paid off in spades.  It seems that by driving the artistic process Knopf finally has the space to spread his albatross-sized creative wings. The emerging style is a collection of diverse instrumental contrasts and magnetically melodic twists and turns.

Ramona Falls’ 2009 debut Intuit was an opus, pairing Knopf’s beautifully eccentric multi-instrument ability with a penchant for over the top theatrics. 2012’s Prophet abandons the rollicking dynamic of its predecessor for a fuller sonic palette with greater pop sensibility. Knopf’s hallmark off kilter tension is still woven through the proceedings but the sound is more cohesive and interminably listenable.

Spend Thursday night at The Sunset Tavern staring through the sonic prism of Ramona Falls.  It’s sure to be an unforgettable night of immersion into the beautifully chaotic vision of Brent Knopf.

Written By: Ian Stephens

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