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Seismic Q&A With: BattleMe

January 14, 2013


If you could describe your music, and you had to use movie genres as the basis of your reasoning. What genre and why?
Foreign Comedy.  It’s all about the dark humor.
Name a song that you wish you would have wrote and why?
Bohemian Rhapsody.  Because it’s the best song ever.
Your given one super power ….what is it?
Fly.  No more traffic.
The ultimate self sustaining tool a musician could ever need?
If you were to title the album based on the overall process of making it, what would it be? 
Big, Bad Basement
Largest source of inspiration?
Mornings.  I know I made it.
Name a cartoon character you always wanted to be, when growing up?
Chilly Willy
The last 5 things you would like to do before “THE END”?
1. Have sex with my wife.
2. Climb a big mountain.
3. Eat a piece of milk chocolate.
4. Turn on a small radio with the Grateful Dead.
5. Jump off the cliff.
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