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“YOU DON’T KNOW ME BITCH”15 Things You Don’t Know About Up And Coming Artist: Zoe Sky Jordan

February 2, 2013
Zoe Sky Jordan is a Toronto based indie pop singer-songwriter. Deeply informed by Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell, Sky Jordan often draws comparisons to Emily Haines and Regina Spektor. Her debut solo release “Restless, Unfocused” features textured, haunting vocals with inventive yet accessible hooks. Zoe’s introspective and photographic lyrics, display a maturity and confidence beyond her 22 years. Her songs have been placed in shows such as Degrassi:TNG, HBO’s Less than Kind and Lost Girl.
In addition to her solo work, Zoe co-fronts a band with singer-songwriter Colleen Dauncey called Petty Victories. The girls have become known for their intertwining melodies, rich harmonies and dynamic live shows. Their first full-length album ‘Wait it out’ slated for released in early 2013.

Zoe Sky Jordan- Broken Bone

1. I am dyslexic and couldn’t really read until the 6th grade.
2. I have a healthy interest in cats.
3. I detest chocolate.
4. I love canoe trips but am a shitty paddler.
5. My best friends refer to themselves as “Squirelles”. The origin of this is hazy.
6. I LOVE antiques. When I’m ancient myself and unable to tour I hope to own an antique store somewhere like Baysville, Ontario. My store would have a cat in it.
7. I don’t know anybody who pays less rent than I do. My apartment is the size of a bathroom but it’s still a point of pride.
8. I lost my virginity on the front lawn of a church.
9. I’m also in a band called Petty Victories with one of my dearest friends Colleen Dauncey.
10. Colleen is the only person alive who truly has a grasp on how little I understand the internet.
11. I have a tiny tattoo on my ribcage that says “Blue As A Gun” which is most of the title of a song my dad Marc Jordan wrote. It’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.
12. The tattoo makes my dad fairly uncomfortable.
13. When I was 7 my mom played Mrs. J in Blood Brothers. I went to every single matinee that year and spoke in a cockney accent.  One time David Cassidy, who played her son, kissed my hand and I told him I’d never wash it again. Sigh. And I never have.
14. My song “Punchline” was written about my grandma, it is not about a former girlfriend. That’s a different song.
15. I failed my license 4 times. It is still widely believed that I should not have ever gotten it.
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