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“YOU DON’T KNOW ME BITCH”: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Mo-Wave Festival Performer, Big Dipper

April 1, 2013


HERE ARE 15 THINGS YOUR DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BIG DIPPERand make sure you see him perform this year at the inaugural ‘Mo-Wave Music and Arts Festival. April 12-14th, 2013. Click here for tix

We also want to thank him for this “selfie”(Pic) he took, and sent. We artsified it …. we like to keep things DIY here. 😉 Now go ahead and get some goodness about this fine specimen.

1. When I was 13 I worked in a Chinese restaurant  taking phone orders
2. My older sister introduced me to WU TANG
3. I drink a lot of coffee
4. I’ve never rode a roller coaster that goes upside down in a loop….im scared…:)
5. I have dreams of being a cashier at a grocery store
6. I can’t drive stick
7. I’m a workaholic
8. When I was 15 I wrote “I’m Gay” on the underside of a bookshelf in my bedroom, just to put it in writing.  I later scratched it out, and then came out to my family two years later.
9.  It took Dan Foley and I almost 6 months to complete “Drip Drop,”  Now I can make a song in like 3 hours.
10. I took cello lesson for three weeks when I was a kid before I quit.
11. I used to aggressive skate…K2 skates, ramps and skate parks….I was horrible
12. I made the same 15 minute horror films with the kids on my block on an old VHS camera like 12 times over….it kept getting better and better.
13. I once flew across the country with a joint in my pocket….without knowing it….
14. I think I’m in love with my phone, or at least co-dependent
15. If I didn’t shave my neck, the hair from my chest would connect to my beard, which connects to the hair on my head, which grows down my neck and connects to my back hair.  If i didn’t groom for a year, I think the only thing you would see is a pair of eyes….I really am a Sasquatch
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