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“YOU DON’T KNOW ME BITCH”: 15 Things You May Not Know About The Band WishBeard

April 5, 2013

Pictured from Top L-R (Brighton and Res) Lower L-R (Jude and Bryn)

In the oh so near future (April 12-14th), Mo-wave will be revving up it’s engines to throw the first inaugural queer music and arts fest to take place on Capitol Hill. There has been quite a bit of chatter about this band called WishBeard. So we asked them to tell us 15 things you just may not know about each of them. Also make sure and check out their Bandcamp page here.
If you would like to order Mo-wave tickets, please do so at this link. (Tickets)
1. Always ready for an outfit themed party.
2. Just bought my first car from a 97 year old lady. It’s a 91 Buick Century.
3. Had a parasitic twin.
4. WA state certified in K-8 Elementary Ed and ESL.
5. Deejayed a lesbian soccer tournament last summer.
6. Was a Charm City Rollergirl.
7. Need to find a summer job STAT.
8. When I was a kid I REALLY wanted braces.
9. In 7th grade I chose Mariah Carey for a biography report/oral presentation.
10. I prefer he, she or they.
11. Hate it when servers or anyone addresses a queer or lesbian couple as “ladies”. Can the world be retrained on this verbiage?
12. Previous bands I was in: Die Cheerleader Die, Sally, Diamond Cut Diamond and Oh Man!
13. If you came to my family Christmas party you would be chillin’ with Erick Sermon of EPMD.
14. If you You Tube ‘seattle ghost ridin’ <–(click) you could see me going dumb.
15. Double Scorpio with Aries rising.
1. There is a castle in Spain with my last name on it.
2. One of my cousins married OJ Simpson’s son.
3. I had a British accent the first 4 years of my life.
4. One of my top 3 pet peeves is when I wash and dry a zip up jacket and the sweater shrinks, but my zipper doesn’t.
5. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take 4 records with me I would have to have Broken Social Scene’s Feel Good Lost, Iron Maiden’s Powerslave, Interpol’s Turn On the Bright Lights and Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans.
6. I hate almost all kinds of cheese.
7. My socks and underwear have to match.
8. I’m a personal trainer for octogenarians.
9. My 2 year old niece thinks that Batman lives at my house.
10. I’ve played the trumpet for 15 years.
11. Top 5 favorite celebrity crushes: Sarah Shahi, Jordana Brewster, Camilla Belle, Rosario Dawson, Shannyn Sossamon.
12. My grandmother was a famous mariachi singer in Acuna, Mexico and Southern Texas who made records and toured all while raising 9 kids!
13. I’ll probably marry my girlfriend in the next 3 years.
14. If I could be anyone for a day, it would be Justin Bieber.
15. I love Justin Bieber.
1. Dana Scully made me a lesbian…
2. …or maybe it was that moment when Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt in the Women’s World Cup Finals in 1999.
3. I was the captain of my ice hockey team in high school, and played NCAA in college.
4. I hate seafood.
5. My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park.
6. My first concert ever was Rod Stewart, with my Mom, naturally.
7. I’ve lived in all 4 corners of the US.
8. I played cello in middle school
9. The very first records I ever mixed when learning how to DJ where Hollertronix’s remix of ‘Staring at the Sun’ and ‘Pump Up the Jam’.
10. One of the happiest moments of my life was watching LCD Soundsystem perform ‘All My Friends’ in NYC during one of their last shows.
11. I want to be a park ranger when I grow up.
12. I was salutatorian of my high school class.
13. The first piece of music I ever bought was Soul For Real’s ‘Candy Rain’ (on cassette)
14. The tip of my right ring finger basically broke off when I slammed it in a car door in 5th grade.
15. I miss the crazy Florida thunderstorms I grew up with.  

1. I have a cat named Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

2. Blur are my favorite band of all time…

3. I still haven’t seen them live, and I’m very sad about it.

4. I played Varsity Girls Basketball in high school.

5. I was also home-schooled in high school.

6. I almost went on a Mormon mission before I came to my senses and came out of the closet.

7. Considering Facts 5 and 6, I could’ve turned out a lot more fucked up.

8. I really wanted to play violin growing up.

9. I finally got one at age 16, but quickly pawned it to buy a new guitar.

10. I’m obsessed with BBC Radio.

11. It’s actually my dream to work for the BBC, in any capacity.

12. For 2 years I lived in a queer-vegan-anarcho-punk house.

13. I smuggled in grilled-cheese sandwiches whenever possible.

14. I’m about to graduate from Evergreen State College, just like Macklemore. Represent!

15. I hope someday to build a 200 sq. ft. house with a loft and put it on a tiny piece of land and grow my own food and make my own cheese and live like a hermit. It’s what all bass players do when they retire.
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