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SEISMIC Q&A WITH: Finn Of The Veils At Tractor Tavern 4/21

April 20, 2013


I was able to ask Finn some questions and frankly found out some unsettling things. I think you will be able to see which ones I am referring too. But one question sparked a lite hearted conversation about the best burger in the USA. Of course they are In & Out fans, but I told them they need to give our Dick’s Drive-in a try. So because of that conversation and me involving the good people at Dicks. They will be heading to the Queen Anne location to give the burgers a try with their fans. So feel free to join them after their Kexp  in-studio at Dick’s for some lunch and maybe a photograph opportunity.This should happen around 3 O’clock.

If you could describe your music – and you had to use movie genres as the basis of  your reasoning – what genre and why?
Oh I really have no idea. We’re a Family/Gore Fest. Like The Princess Diaries meets Machete.

Name a song that you wish you would have written and why? Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, or maybe Prince’s Rasberry Beret. Both better than us mortals deserve.
You’re given one super power … what is it? I’d like the ability to speak every language in the world. I know that’s not a particularly funny answer, I was just thinking about that this morning and that’s what I’d actually like.
The ultimate self-sustaining tool a musician could ever need? Butt plugs.
If you were to title the most current album based on the overall process of making it, what would the title be? Butt plugs.
Largest source of inspiration? Butt plugs.
Name a cartoon character you always wanted to be or admired, when growing up? Daffy Duck.
Most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to you? I once accidentally ate quite a lot of glass.
The last 5 things you would like to do before “THE END”? Visit Peru. Learn Trumpet. Just hang out. Eat something. Nap.
What’s coming up for The Veils? Touring! Can’t wait. I want to buy a leather jacket with an American flag on the back. I love In & Out burger so much. Excited
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