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Seismic Q&A With: Adra And Mike of Fly Moon Royalty 5/9 At Columbia City Theater With Theoretics and Hot Bodies in Motion

May 1, 2013


If you were given a Billboard on a major Highway, what would it say? Probably ” Ooo Ooo Ooo OOOOO… Get up in my kitchen!! -Fly Moon Royalty (.com)”

If you categorized your music as a movie genre, What genre and why? That’s hard… Adult, Mature, Adult Comedy, Action Thriller… New Cult Classic!!

What song do you wish you would have written? Personally, Florence and the Machine Bedroom Hymns, or Any of the Beck Song Reader… also, the classic Stevie records.

If you had one “power”, what would it be? The ability to turn anything into cheese.

If you were to title the most current album based on the overall process of making it, what would the title be? STANK FACE! (See Mikes face above)

Name a cartoon character you always wanted to be or admired, when growing up? Are you kidding? A definite tie between Storm and Cheetara!!! (Adraboo)
– Astroboy. (Mike)

Most bizarre thing thats ever happened to you?
-I don’t think is’t happened yet ( Adra Boo)
– Once, I watched a women “get off” on a metro bus. Yeah. Bizarre. (Mike)

Largest source of inspiration? LIFE.

The last 5 things you would like to do before “THE END”? Now now now… I can’t tell you all that, or I’d have to kill you!

Make sure you check out FLY MOON ROYALTY when they play a Gigs4Good to benefit One Day’s Wages-Clean Water Fund at the Columbia City Theater with Theoretics and Hot Bodies In Motion on May 9th. Get your tickets here!

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