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Our Newest “Sealebrity”: Christopher & Robin of MANSIONS

December 6, 2013
The band Mansions have been haunting me in the most beautiful way for the last almost 2 years. Completely enamored and hush mouthed about them, as if my own stash of drugs. It wasn’t until the delivery of their latest LP ‘Doom Loop‘, that I  picked up my jaw off the floor, and started to dig in and find out more about them and why they seemed to be flying under the Seattle scenes radar ….I mean they had 8k+ followers on FB, and not one industry person I knew had liked them. (not that, that’s the end all be all, but you know what I mean). Closer to the release date I started telling a few more key people about this Seattle gem. I mean this latest album is a total fucking knock out, and in no-way should it go without proper recognition.  I have been listening to it from beginning to end for the past 2-3 months.
I was happy enough to catch up with them before they head out east this month with Their/They’re/There and kick off their tour December 14th in St. Louis at The Firebird.
Hit Play below while reading a quick Q&A about our newest “Sealebrities.”
Full name: Christopher Levi Browder
Age: 28
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Name of band: Mansions
Style of music: Indie Fuzz Pop Rock
Influences: Weezer, Spoon, Ryan Adams
Top 5 Seattle artists: David Bazan/Pedro The Lion, Death Cab, Nirvana, Boat, Telekinesis
Favorite book: The Shining
Favorite Seattle drinking hole: Wallingford Pizza House RIP
Best show you have ever seen: I thought this show on MTV in 2005 called “The 70’s House” was really fantastic
If you could play a gig with two other bands, who would they be: Kanye West and Julian Casablancas
Biggest celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling, serious babe
Drink of choice: French 75
Guiltiest tv pleasure: Pro rasslin’

Last thing you do before sleep: Scold myself for every dumb thing I said that day.

Full name: Robin Dove. Middle name not a bird.
Age: Newly minted 28
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Name of band: Mansions
Style of music: sadpopgasm
Influences: Weezer, Nada Surf, Built to Spill, Pissed Jeans, Once More Than Never, a full orchestra
Top 5 Seattle artists: Pedro the Lion, The Long Winters, Kind of Like Spitting, Nirvana, the bartenders at Revel
Favorite book: East of Eden
Favorite Seattle drinking hole: anywhere with Manny’s on tap
Best show you have ever seen: Death Cab at Rockettown in Nashville in lieu of senior prom ’04
If you could play a gig with two other bands, who would they be: J.E.W and Desaperacidos
Biggest celebrity crush: Pete Carroll
Drink of choice: Double Makers & Coke
Guiltiest TV pleasure: The Real Housewives of OC – feel no guilt about this whatsoever
Last thing you do before sleep: Anxiously replay the day’s events
Pick up vinyl at or get it the right way at Silver Platters.
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