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My SXSW 2014 In a Hipstamatic Snap!

April 9, 2014

SXSW 2014 logo 600

When heading into Texas for the hipster conference (and now geek) known as SXSW in Austin, for the first time. I had a list of shows to go see and no badge in hand. I was told from quite a few veterans that a badge wasn’t needed, and indeed they were right, but there are so many shows going on, thats its virtually impossible for a music lover like me to make it from one venue to the next in a timely manner. Sure I could stay at Fader Fort, or Hype Hotel, Spotify, or the Van’s stage all day, but I was there to see the smaller bands, and that was my goal. Yes I did see a couple bands I had never seen like at the Hype party, such as Sylvan Esso, or Coin at TastemakerX. But the one goal I had was to try and snap head-shots of some of those performers that I was lucky enough to see. I want to thank all the artists who gave me a bit of their time. I hope this will be ongoing.

Christopher Prudhomme (Painted Palms)

Chris Michael (Guantanamo Baywatch)

(Sean Anonymous)

(Big Dipper)

Steve Sparrow (Morning Parade)

Sylvan Esso1
Amelia Randall Meath (Sylvan Esso)

Ryan Granger & Whitney Petty (Grizzled Mighty)

Cameron Crowe (Audacity)

Kyle Peters (The Pass)


Casey Call (Enemy Planes)

PJ Wolf (Thief)


Josh Von Mink (Step Rockets)

Emily Nokes (TacoCat)

Chase Lawrence (Coin)

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