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April 25, 2014


SIIINES, the Los Angeles based electro-rock band who recently released their new EP, Fukushimarama!, has just announced their cross country US Spring Tour to support the new album! The tour hits Seattle on May 07 at El Corazon.

With equal parts eclectic EDM and in your face rock, SIIINES willfully crosses lines to bring a unique perspective in a time when people care more about the shoes they wear than the music that they create. Formed by Travis Nesbitt and Morgan Gies (both formerly of Social Code) in 2012, SIIINES wanted to bring life and excitement back to the ailing sound. Experimenting with electronic production in the context of rock sentiment, SIIINES found a fresh sound by challenging their own preconceptions about the genre, pushing the boundaries in the marriage of electronic dance and rock.

In 2012, SIIINES released the Disk0sno EP winning them an Edmonton Music Award for ‘Best Electronic Release’. Diving head first into live control of lights and video, building custom plexi-glass stage equipment, processing guitars live through computers, vocal sampling, and improvising with the electronic production elements, it ended up not only bringing life to rock, but danger and unpredictability to the electronic side of the project.

Mid 2013, work began on Fukushimarama! A group of songs revolving around the escapist culture of denial that they felt was prevalent: Celebrity, drugs, sex, money, and other vices they use to keep themselves from accepting the bleak realities around them.

May 07 Seattle, WA El Corazon
May 08 Kelowna, BC Doc Willoughby’s Pub
May 09 Nanaimo, BC The Queens
May 10 Vancouver, BC Vancouver Fan Club

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