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September 16, 2014


LP is one of the best singer songwriters in the music scene today; her voice captivates, and her energy is electric. She will be taking the stage at Neumos on Thursday night (Odessa opens), and I was able to ask her some questions about music, fashion and Vicci Martinez. Do not miss this show!

You’re well on your way to stardom, and you said you never wanted to conform. Being with a major, isn’t that difficult?

It can be. But whenever you are in a collaborative situation wether it be a song, an album or the marketing of an album there are compromises and concessions you have to make. That’s just what happens when you mix business and art in my opinion. If you put it out on your own then you don’t which is awesome but it hasn’t been my path.

Speaking of conforming … would you have ever performed on a show like American Idol to catapult your career?

No but I don’t think that is necessarily conforming. I think people are very brave to do it.

Artists always mention growth. What is growth to you?

Growth is forcing yourself to keep going through difficult times (ie: failure and even success) mentally and emotionally as an artist. To tap into what you are feeling and express it through the truest filter of your mind and get to a new place for you even if it’s not new to someone else.

How do you differentiate when writing …what song you want and what your going to pitch to another artist?

When I’m writing sometimes I’m with the other artist which is always clearly defined. When I’m not I sometimes will be there because we’re writing for someone else. But when I just start writing and it’s coming out a certain way I usually know. There’s a familiarity like an old friend or something that resonates with my soul. Or it’s just too high for anyone else to sing . Lol

Speaking of which … I was a huge fan of The Hills (gaydar alert). How was it writing for Heidi Montag? Do you research the person you write for? or just write off the cuff?

I didn’t write those songs with her in mind. I had written a bunch of songs with a producer she was working with and when she heard them she loved them and just kept wanting more of them and hiring me as a vocal producer on them so it was totally cool with me. She’s a very nice person as well.

I am in awe of the writing and of course the singing of SIA. Thoughts?

I think she is amazing and has found the perfect balance as far as being a writer and an artist in her own right . I think she’s done it unlike anyone yet. It’s inspiring.

Now that your in the spotlight and not just writing, does it fuck with your head that people like your for LP and not for Laura?

Not at all . My name is LP and I don’t really like being called Laura as it does not feel like my name anymore. I didn’t know that would happen but it did. I might even change my name to LP as a first name legally.

Your style is fucking tits-bingo! Who are your style icons?

Thanks! Well I love the Beatles early 60’s style, Mick Jagger, Serge Gainsbourg , Brian Ferry, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix.

Favorite piece of clothing?

I’d have to say my Carol Cristian Poell boots and Saint Laurent blazer.

What is your idea of quintessential beauty in a woman?

Just natural grace. Inner beauty of course and the outer don’t hurt either. 😉

You homies with Vicci Martinez (Tacoma), you wrote a song for her?

I met her once at Sayers Club in LA after I sang. She was super cool and nice.

Any favorite Seattle spots?

Well u know I only really hung out at the W last time cuz we had a gig and a photo shoot and that was it! But I do love that W dammit!!

Debut album Forever For Now out now. BUY TIX HERE

Upcoming LP tour dates are as follows:

09/18 Seattle, WA Neumos

09/19 Vancouver, Canada Fortune Sound Club

09/20 Portland, OR Alhambra Theatre

09/21 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall

09/23 Santa Ana, CA Constellation Room

09/24 San Diego, CA Casbah

09/26 Los Angeles, CA Roxy Theatre

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