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November 5, 2014

IMG_6010(1)Full name: Jennifer Noel Borst

Age: A lady never tells

Hometown: Yakima, WA

Name of band: Planes on Paper

Style of music: Songwriter stuff, with folk influences, I think…

Top 5 Seattle artists: Mikey and Matty, The Head and the Heart, Cumulus, Big Sur, Brandi Carlile

Favorite book: The BFG

Favorite Seattle drinking hole: Ha in Fremont made an absolutely amazing mango habanero margarita for me once, but only once. It’s my favorite for that single experience.

Best show you have ever seen: Fiona Apple at The Schnitz in Portland. She seemed completely unhinged, but was pitch perfect and beautiful.

If you could play a gig with two other bands, who would they be: Patty Griffin and First Aid Kit

Biggest celebrity crush: The Silver Fox, Anthony Bourdain.

Drink of choice: Barefoot winery Pinot Grigio. Sometimes the cheapest stuff is the best.

Guiltiest tv pleasure: Hoarders. Makes me feel like I really have my shit together.

Last thing you do before sleep: Laundry and Pinterest, in that order

Full name: Navid Eliot

Age: 32

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Name of band: Planes on Paper

Style of music: Whatever we end up writing, I suppose. I think it’s folk music, but folk purists would probably disagree.

Top 5 Seattle artists: Mikey & Matty, The Fraidies, Smokey Brights, Shelby Earl, but GOD DAMN IT, there are SO many more. Seattle is great right now. In fact, Washington is great right now. One of my favorite songwriters on earth (The Holy Broke) happens to be out of Spokane.

Favorite book: I have read “1984” more than any other book, but have a real soft spot for anything Hitchens.

Favorite Seattle drinking hole: I know I’ve ended up at the Duchess Tavern more than anywhere else. It’s really hard to say I actually like anything about that place, but I guess my actions speak for me.

Best show you have ever seen: Bad Religion at RKCNDY in like 1996 was a life-changer.

If you could play a gig with two other bands, who would they be: In a fantasy scenario where we can choose anyone? M. Ward and Simon and Garfunkel. They’d probably want us to open that bill, and I think we’d be OK with that. Afterwards, they’d want to stay up late talking about music, and probably buy us milkshakes or something, and tell me how they are actually big fans of ours too.

Biggest celebrity crush: I dunno, is Alyssa Milano still alive? I think the last time I had a proper celebrity crush, “Who’s The Boss” was still a big part of my life.

Drink of choice: Apple cider vinegar and honey.

Guiltiest tv pleasure: The League. I don’t watch football, or play fantasy football, but I love that show anyway.

Last thing you do before sleep: I take the dog out for a romp in the yard. He’s a restless little dude.

Make sure you catch this duo at The Timbrrr Fest on January 9th 2014, as well as many more upcoming dates throughout the Pacific Northwest. Check out their site and subscribe for all updates HERE

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  1. November 5, 2014 11:42 am

    They make such great music

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