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February 9, 2015


They say “there must be something in the water!…”. There’s definitely something more to Gothenburg’s waters then bearded fishermen, cargo ships and disused shipyards. A diverse and fertile scene for independent music. As a proof of which, Gothenburg’s latest musical offering, Navelin – who have been drinking from the same local reservoir as acts like Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Little Dragon, Broder Daniel, Union Carbide Productions, Jens Lekman, The Knife, Jose Gonzales, Silverbullit, El Perro Del Mar and Fibes, oh Fibes! – are releasing their new single ”Shake it Off”. But with members from Gothenburg as well as Dublin (IRL) Navelin is ready to throw something new into the game.

Navelin spent most of 2014 bouncing between stage and studio. Pre-producing and honing their live show, writing new material and putting the finishing touches to their upcoming self titled EP. An EP due for release at the end of February. On January 26th, Navelin will release their new single “Shake It Off” (once again mixed by Filip Leyman – Anna Von Hausswolff, Skansros, Det Stora Monstret, School ’94). Since the release of “Ofelia” and their launch into the live arena, Navelin have been steadily building a solid international fanbase of curious, hungry Navelites. Through gigs around Scandinavia and recognition across the blogosphere in countries such as Sweden, Germany, USA, Denmark, Great Britain and Spain, Navelin’s been garnering some well earned support and encouraging reviews, being compared to the likes of Slowdive, Joy Division, The Cocteau Twins, Dubstar amongst others…

2015 holds Navelin’s focus firmly on the live scene. Working around touring plans – plans that take into their stride Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Ireland – Navelin will start to record their new material whenever the opportunity arises… New single “Shake It Off” – taken from the forthcoming self titled EP – will be available digitally from the usual outlets, January 26th.

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