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August 5, 2016


I’m sure everyone knows by now that after a five year hiatus, Sub-Pop band Wolf Parade have re-grouped and are currently in the process of a short tour.
After a few residency shows in New York, Toronto and London this May, they just kicked it off this weekend in Oregon at the annual Pickathon, and are wrapping it up end of September in Ohio.

Since putting Wolf Parade behind them, the band’s main members have gone on to release new music under various monikers and/or with new acts — Spencer Krug with Moonface, Sunset Rubdown, and Swan Lake; Dan Boeckner with Operators and Divine Fits. But fret not, the boys are back. And although a small evolution in sound (sounding a bit more refined and secure in their musical prowess), the signature Wolf Parade is intact.

And one thing is for certain, this band is a lot of fun to check out live, so don’t miss them this upcoming August 7th (Special guests Dardo) and 8th (Special guests Deep Sea Diver)  at The Neptune Theater.

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