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June 16, 2017
Your tour with Day Wave; How did the East Coast band connect with the West Coast band …Grindr or Tinder?
Haha! you know, I just had my debut single Lean out, and they were like the top related artist on spotify, so I became aware of them and started listening to a few songs. Then like a year later my agent said they would be down with having us on the road with them. That’s how it happened, haha!
Your hair game is on point. Natural? or does it take some work?
Truth be told, au naturale. I do put wax in it to keep it from getting frizzy. I also don’t wash my hair very often at all. I rinse it, and clean it with my hands but I don’t apply shampoo regularly.
People watching is a favorite past time of mine. What are the first 2 things you look at on a person?
Probably their clothes and their face, haha! Boring answer, but yeah.
Yer fashion icon?
Not sure if I have one anymore, or if I ever really did.
Mostly kids on instagram that I think are honest and creative- that’s who is inspiring to me, people with a poetry about them. I don’t even wanna say any one persons name.
Couple of your press photos are with the backdrop of a very geometrical pattern on a couch it seems. Are those selfies? Will you take a selfie of yourself for this “interview” and let us use it?
Those photos were by emmanuel olunkwa and we had a lot of fun taking them. one of them is actually just a photo of me taking a selfie. I’m 100% taking a selfie and attaching it. Not gonna say too much about it but the selfie thing is kind of this one dimension of blonder where i’m ironically/ non ironically playing into the narcissism of everyday culture whether it’s art or music or fashion. I’ve always looked for artists to kind of fill in whatever grey area that might be left over from their music through their person. idk! kind of plays into that
Are gays a more advanced species of a human? Or are the brains of people becoming more advanced?
Haha!!! wellllllllll – hot topic. I mean, I’m just gonna say brains are becoming more advanced. My tendency is to reduce everything to the physicality of the body and see pleasure and pain as absolutely non discriminatory. Leaving it there before I get any deeper.
Who would you rather be a backup dancer for … Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if your nasty) or  Beyonce? And why?
Janet Jackson on the control tour. Super interesting and incredible time for pop music, I love the story going through that record, how she’s defining herself as a solo artist, breaking away from her family and feeling her own emotions.
If you have been to Seattle before, what do you like best about it?
Never been there!!! Which is crazy.
When you think Seattle, what’s the first thing you think about?
Coffee. Nirvana. Mist. hahah!
After a show, what is your favorite thing to do?
I guess just talk to people who saw the set and have a drink, just hang out. If I’m on tour, it’s the merch table and then more work-y stuff like load out/ accommodations/ and the next city.


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