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Seismic Review: Hunx and His Punx came all over The Sunset Tavern … and we liked it!

July 8, 2010

If you’ve never had an opportunity to witness the glorious sensual raciness of a Hunx and his Punx show … well you’re gonna have to wait till the next time they come back to town, but a double dose of dirty is what you missed. Hunx(AKA Seth) strutted out on stage with some above the belly button skin-tight black and white almost giraffe print pants and a short matching  jacket, sans a under-shirt… in tow he brought along  some delicious looking punx; guys and girls alike. For anyone who pawns this act off as campy kitsch is poorly mistaken. They may be fun and seem a bit over the top, but when it comes down to it; they got what it takes. This posse of beautiful misfits may not put down the most intricate riffs or maybe they don’t  have the quickest chord changes in the business … but what they do give you is a hawt and tight sounding live show with oodles (yes oodles) of showmanship.

No sooner did Hunx & Co. take the stage, when all of a sudden Hunx say’s to a tall man leaning against the wall midway back and pointing at him … “you’re cute”  then abruptly broke into the popular song “Cruising”. Hunx quickly took to the front of the stage where he put his foot up on one speaker and pointed his groin in the direction of a male who was front and center, he quickly grabbed the back of this mans head and gave him an offering of his bulge while singing, and humping his head simultaneously. The whole front row was made up of  both straight and gay men all eagerly awaiting their turn for some “gay” attention. He seemed to pick only a few of these lucky or not so lucky ones; and I just so happen to be one of them (as you will see in the video). The set progressed and the energy of the crowd followed as they shredded through eleven fun danceable garage-punk songs. With every song they finished, the crowd erupted more and more. A mini-mosh pit ensued but nothing that was endangering, just a whole lot of movement and over excitement. Hunx continued on in his musical molestation until it was time to say goodbye, but instead of doing an encore he just finished the crowd off with a fan favorite of “Gimme Gimme Back Your Love”. C’est La Vie Hunx!

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