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Seismic Preview: The Head and The Heart @ The Comet Tavern

July 9, 2010

Sure it would be nice to see Carissa Wierd’s to play again, but why? I mean why even come together for one show if you’re not going to do at least another album or some new material. I know, I know people would argue that, but I feel teased.  So I say go out and buy the new or should I say re-release of their work on the Hardly Art label that’s coming out on July 13th called “They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave Songs: 1996-2003”, because if you haven’t heard them…their music is beautiful.

What I do recommend is going up to Capitol Hill and checking out The Head and The Heart. This six-piece is made of up of some of Seattle’s finest talent; some members coming from The Maldives and Grand Hallway. Heavily compared to Bon Iver,  and even a folksy version of The Beatles, I am not sure where you can go wrong. Their vocal harmonies give you goosebumps, the melding of sounds make you swoon and the combination of everything make you a fan.  This is a band to be watched, because I guarantee you they have what it takes to take it to the next level….if the EP they released is a jumping off point than good lord I can’t wait to hear whats to come. But don’t take my word for it, come out to The Comet and make your own judgements. One of 2010 best bands in Seattle, hands down.


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