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Seismic-Sound Review: Damien Jurado’s stunning sold out performance at Columbia City Theater.

January 8, 2011

I mean let’s face it…. Damien Jurado is Seattle music royalty, and it couldn’t have been more evident that at last nights sold out performance at Columbia city Theater. The musical impression he has left on Seattle’s music scene since “96” was obvious when you scanned through last nights audience. Members of  The Head and The Heart, Pickwick, Ivan & Alyosha, Fences, Hey Marseilles, Campfire Ok, Goldfinch and countless others were on hand including Jurados family, to watch this music master unravel his genius before the sold out crowd. After a “who’s that?” moment and watching the incredible Tony Kevin Jr finish his set, and being blown away by Widower’s dumb-founding performance, it was time for the man of the night.

Jurado took the stage with his guitar in hand, that guitar had two stickers on it. One that was the state of Washington and said “home” on it, and the other was what looked to be a picture of Richard Swift. He sat in his chair without the backing band and told the crowd he wrote two new songs that day (one we have for you to see).  He then invited his amazing band out, and they meandered through a wonderful catalogue of stuff, both old and new. His onstage banter was as entertaining as the music itself.  Stories of his son’s sweetness at the ripe age of 10 years old and how untainted and loving he still is(towards his father), and how fleeting his sweetness seems to be, when the children think its “un-cool to show their love to the parents, to the amount of cocks he has seen throughout the world scrawled on walls, and especially in Europe, but Jurado states “They’re all the same, expect in America ours are bigger”. His stories charmed the audience and grabbed everyone’s attention, even his quirky off beat fumbling around he turned into entertaining banter. He stated that “for some reason performing in Seattle, makes me so fucking nervous”.

Throughout Jurado’s set the room was still and silent, he never left his chair. At one point he was dancing around in his chair, as if not having the capacity to stand, chair turned 180 degrees towards his band he jammed with his band, but this is Damien Jurado, this is what he does, and he even does that well. People were captivated by his beautiful guitar strokes, his wonderful lyrics and his signature sound.  As he wound down the night and performed his final song. His voice gave me that thing that I call the “skin orgasms” hair standing on end, and body tingling. Damien Jurado proved why he is esteemed, and why he is such an important part of Seattle’s music community.

Here is video of the brand new song. *Sorry about volume* Watch in HD

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  1. Aidan permalink
    January 9, 2011 3:50 am

    The Springsteen picture is actually Richard Swift. swift produced the Saint Bartlett album.


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