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Seismic-Sound Preview:Crocodiles at The Crocodile, January 19th.

January 18, 2011

                                                  Photo By: Jason Friendt

San Diego garage-y, aggressive rock turned, psychedelica, synthy reverby, noise-pop band(sorry for the over-kill) Crocodiles, are strutting through town this Wednesday to support their sophomore effort “Sleep Over” which was released on the label Fat Possum Records in 2010.  If you’ve never seen these boys with that rock and roll attitude live then prepare yourself for some good ole “I don’t give a fuck” showmanship. Last time I seen them at Chop Suey, the lead singer moved pretty uncontrollably at times on stage while knocking over microphones and hitting the floor without missing a lick on his guitar. They certainly let the passion of their playing flow through out the set, without waiver and in the moment, which I certainly respect.

Given the new direction of their latest material and hailed by critics as their best as of yet, I will be curious to see how this new stuff plays out live, but no doubt about it … the show will be memorable and I can’t wait.

Here is some video footage I shot last time they were in town. Watch below.

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