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Seismic Rad-Libs: With Andrew Chapman of The Keeper

July 15, 2010

This is the inaugural version of Seismic-Sounds play on words. Its name taken from the original game of Mad-Libs … you know that fun little game I am sure most of you have played at some point as a wee-little-tot.  Except in our case we call it Rad-Libs. I start the sentence (which is in bold) and our guest Rad-Libber finishes it off. Our first guinea pig was “Metal Mouth” Andrew Chapman of  The Keeper. Lets find out a bit more:

 1. I may be going to hell but at least all my friends will be there too!
2. Nothing turns me on more than the smell of napalm in the morning.
3. In 10 years I will be 40 years old; exactly to the day. Tonight I turn 30! (July15th)
4. Seattle has some of the best examples of juggalos (for definition click on word) in the world. They all live or sleep in my building!
5. When I am on stage I like to find the one person who doesn’t want to be there and I serenade them usually in a completely inappropriate way (He’s not kidding).
6. Ronnie James Dio was the hero of the modern age. Without him metal would be a complete waste of time.
7. My greatest phobia is heights.
8. The best Rock show I have seen hands down was All Tomorrows Parties 2008 in Monticello NY. Indie rock summer camp. Second would be the Touch And Go 25th anniversary fest in Chicago for Scratch Acid and Big Black reunions.
9. My biggest pet peeve would be people saying “o” when they fucking mean zero. Fuck that shit! The number and the letter are not equivalent, nor are they even in the same fucking universe. One is a linguistic construct representing a vowel tone, the other is an integer (or non-integer if you want to argue). Either way … communicate clearly fuckers!
10. Lita Ford can have anything she fucking wants.
11. My man-crush would be Steve Albini.
12. The Keeper has you all in check. Tonight we Ride!
I’ve certainly learned a bit more about Andrew Chapman and thats the whole point of this god-damn game! Next week we have Dita Vox … lead singer and sexy sauce pot of  Rock and Roll band Thee Emergency! Do you have a couple of Rad-Libs for her? If so email me at
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