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Seismic Rad-Libs: With Dita Vox of Thee Emergency

July 17, 2010

Dita Vox is the quintessential front woman; Charisma, moves for days, attitude, incredible voice, perfect curves and shear magnetism, but it doesn’t stop there. The rest of Thee Emergency is nothing to scoff at..seeing this band feed off each other makes for some amazing shows!  And considering the new album “Cracka Slang” is dropping at any moment they will more than likely be booking quite a few gigs in and about town, so make sure to check em out! Now lets see if Dita Vox undulges us with any good morsels, shall we?

1.Food for me is like sunlight for plants. Photosynthesis bitches.

2.The Seattle music community is on fire.

3.My woman crush is none of your business. Because the fastest way to crush a crush is to rush a crush. (Awwww…snap)

4.The most important things in life are not able to be summed up in 3 easy words. (You’re not limited to 3 words girl!)

5.A show I saw in Seattle that changed me would be something to look forward to. And how?

6.A sexy man to me is few and far between. (If you’ve never seen Dita Vox…she can afford to be very picky)

7.My favorite smells in the world are green, brown and red. (It just dawned on me)

8.Clothing gives me a chance to not be naked. ( I expected more from this fashionista, cause in jeans and a tank, she’s flawless … but o.k.)

9.I don’t like it when people forget what it means to be human.

10.My craziest night on Cap Hill was when I found out I can definitely run faster than the police.

Pay attention for next week Rad-Libbers; we have the much buzzed about Electro-Pop duo of  Mat Wisner & Brandon Jensen, who make up Viper Creek Club. If you have any Rad-Libs for Mat and Brandon…send them, we will see if they indulge you.

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