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Seismic Sounds Hillebrity of The Month: Jesse “Blue” Metcalf

August 1, 2010

For any of you NOT familiar with a “Hillebrity”, these are the people who are seen all over the place, and I mean everywhere in and around the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Even if you don’t live here, and you frequent a bar in your own neighborhood …  you know what I am talking about, shit you may even be one in your own city. They know every bartender, they know all the doormen, and every other fucking person they walk by. The kind that uses the restroom and you see them 1-2 hours later because they were side tracked…yeah those people. So I thought it only deemed appropriate that I give these people the proper respect they deserve. Alot of the times we only know their faces, but here is an opportunity to find out a little more. It’s my honor to kick-off the inaugural edition of  Hillebrities with the amazing  Jesse “Blue” Metcalf. He is our August representative so buy the man a shot.

Congratulations Blue on being our very first Hillebrity on I think you’ll make a good pin-up girl (laughs). Thanks Jason for having me as the first Hillebrity.

Where are you from? And what do you do? Well I have lived in New York, California, Colorado, Washington and Oklahoma. For my job I work as a transporter at a hospital …. totally boring.

On an average week how often are you out? I would have to say about 5 days a week. I suffer from extreme boredom.

Favorite door man? Thats a toss-up; I like all the guys at the Cha Cha. Tony, Rob and Shane at The Comet.

How much dough do you spend weekly on your “after school activities?”  If you mean booze and drugs; Probably $200 a week, not counting other people’s money.

If your penis could talk what would it say? I have to Piss Jesse!

Drink of choice? That would have to be the old whiskey coke double.

Type of girl or boy you’re looking for? Hot Summer babes…

If you can remember…whats your craziest night out? Probably photo-booth foreplay.

Hottest bartender on the hill? Joe Grindo at Cha Cha.

Which bar do you frequent most? The fucking Cha Cha.

Do you suffer from A.D.D.? Nope

Strangest thing you have ever done in a bar? Photo booth foreplay

Do you see retirement soon? Retirement is for the weak.

 Who would you nominate for Hillebrity of the month? Thats a hard one … probably my friend David West (AKA) DW. “In case you don’t know, you know”.

Any input on who should be the next hillebrity? Contact us and let us know!


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